#68 What Is New For SEO

In this latest dip into Freedom Ocean, Tim anticipates an upcoming trip, he and James discuss Google's Hummingbird update, and listeners learn the most current rules of effective SEO.In this episode:- Tips for incorporating business into … [Read more...]

#67 What Has Changed In The Last Year?

Welcome back listeners to episode 67 of Freedom Ocean. This week, Tim and James discuss the recent changes and trends in the online world during the past 12 to 18 months, a preview to the next episode and a funny challenge from Tim (feel free to … [Read more...]

#52 Traffic, Conversions and Stuff

Welcome to episode 52 of Freedom Ocean. James and Tim talk about Traffic and Conversions and some really cool stuff to help kick off 2013.We also discuss:The importance of benchmarking and acknowledging your success How different … [Read more...]

#50 Is SEO Dead?

Here it is ladies and gets… Episode 50 of Freedom Ocean. Let us answer the question in almost everyone’s head… “Is SEO dead?”In this Episode:How you can rank at page 1 of Google? Is back-linking enough to get you to page 1? Learn … [Read more...]

#9 We Go Behind The Scenes Of Australia’s #1 Internet Marketing Podcast.

This is the episode where we take you behind the scenes of the Freedom Ocean podcast.You’ll discover exactly how the idea for another (!) Internet marketing podcast came about:how we named it the development of the website how we agreed … [Read more...]