#84 – The End

All good things must come to an end. So it is with some sadness but much fond nostalgia that James Schramko and Timbo Reid host the 84th and last episode of Freedom Ocean. Tune in for some parting lessons, some flashbacks, and some final … [Read more...]

#83 – How To Fix Your Underperforming Business Without Changing Your Quality Of Life

When your Western-based business isn’t doing so well, is moving overseas the answer? James Schramko and Timbo Reid address this knotty dilemma with clever, practical and not-so-obvious solutions.  Podcast highlights:05:13 - Can you … [Read more...]

#82 – Slap and Sledge (Cheesy Versus Helpful Marketing)

Freedom Ocean hosts James Schramko and Tim Reid are back after a lengthy hiatus. In this episode, they share feedback on each other's latest projects: Timbo's new book and James' recently concluded joint webinar on memberships with Andrew Lock. Tune … [Read more...]

#81 – What Is An Internet Marketer Anyway?

You might still be wondering, just what is an "Internet Marketer" ? In this episode we define what it is and who can do it.In the podcast:00:40 - Return to Melbourne 03:31 - Clients vs. customers 05:04 - A passion for guitar 07:18 - … [Read more...]

#80 – 3 Steps To Double Your Profit And Halve Your Work Hours – Part 3 Of 3

James and Tim are back for the last part of their series about doubling your profit and reducing your work hours. In this episode, discover the formula for profit and learn how to get better conversions.In the episode:03:20 - Accent … [Read more...]

#79 – 3 Steps To Double Your Profit And Halve Your Work Hours – Part 2 of 3

James and Timbo are back, with the second installment of their 3-part series about reducing your work hours and multiplying your wealth. In this episode, uncover the whys and hows of leveraging a team to unlock business growth and profit.In … [Read more...]

#78 – 3 Steps To Double Your Profit And Halve Your Work Hours – Part 1 of 3

James and Timbo introduce the first part of a three-part, in-depth Freedom Ocean series. How can you make yourself powerful to manage your time smarter? Find out the first step you need to take to achieve more profit with less work on this … [Read more...]

#77 6 Things That Are Working For Us Right Now

James and Tim are back in another informative episode of Freedom Ocean. This week they discuss something that many businesses lack, and share the top six things that are working for them in their businesses.In the podcast:01:54 - A lack … [Read more...]

#76 Domain Dumping And Smart SEO

In this Freedom Ocean episode, James and Timbo review the year, tell you how to get rid of your unwanted domains, and share best practices for staying on top of the changing SEO landscape.Discussed this week:00:56 - Who’s on the giant … [Read more...]