#45 Membership Gateways

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of the various membership gateway alternatives that enable you to deliver training and information products and resources. Using these can provide you with a great online business model, however it's an … [Read more...]

#44 Unwanted Domain Names … Here’s What To Do With Them

Are you sitting on a few (or a lot of) domain names that you bought thinking they were going to make you rich? And now you're just watching the renewal fees coming out of your Paypal account each year? Cool. Timbo is too. That's why in this … [Read more...]

#43 The Healthy Episode

In this episode we talk about: Why and how the Internet marketer needs to stay healthy - In fact, Timbo's lost 1o kg and James has lost 5 kg in the past 3-weeks. Listen in and find out how. How James's business is tracking and what we can learn … [Read more...]

#40 Would You Like To Spend A Day With James And Timbo?

Timbo rapid fires some questions question at James amongst some whacky sound effects from Liam (our loving Editor): What is article spinning? And is it a good strategy? When should you use article spinning? What have been some of the ah-ha … [Read more...]

#39 What Happens When Timbo Runs Out Of Questions?

In the last episode of Freedom Ocean James asked Timbo what will happen to the show when he runs out of questions. Listen in as Timbo tackles the answer head on. PLUS James just pulled an all-nighter (well to 4.30AM anyway) and was found back in his … [Read more...]

#38 How To Leverage A Podcast

"There's a tip in this episode so huge that people should be amazed that we would share it in a free podcast!" ... James. And if that's not enough, in this episode of Freedom Ocean: Timbo reveals his process for how he convinces experts to … [Read more...]

#37 10,000 Emails. Panda Updates. A Listener Success Story. And A Clean Garage!

We cover some serious Internet marketing ground in this episode including: James tells us how spending hours in his garage recently will enable him to create some high quality training products in the coming months. We talk about how Internet … [Read more...]

#36 Underground Learnings

James is back from the States with some secret sauce underground learnings about SEO, Panda 3.3 and ideas on how to make your video marketing more engaging.   Internet Marketing Products & Resources Join the discussion on the Freedom … [Read more...]

#35 Product Launch Lessons

We cover the lessons learnt from James's recent product launch PLUS : - Timbo shares what tightens a certain body part. - James reveals a very simple media player software. - We discuss if there's a best time to send an email. - We talk about … [Read more...]