#41 Geoarbitrage. Permalinks. And Keeping A VA Busy.

In the spirit of keeping each episode to 30-minutes, James and I launch in to some juicy internet marketing discussion around the following topics:Geo-arbitrage (listen in the find out what that's all about). Best practice when it comes to … [Read more...]

#26 Creating an evergreen product that sells while you sleep.

One of our guiding principles is not to hype things up. HOWEVER(!), in this unbelievably practical episode, there really is business-building  info that would normally only ever be accessible in high-level, high  priced products. So (enough hype) … [Read more...]

#23 James’ D.D.D. Strategy For Smart Decision-Making.

"It's only by saying NO that you can concentrate on the things that are really important." Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple.In this episode of Freedom Ocean, Australia's favourite Internet Marketing podcast, James shares with us some massive changes he's … [Read more...]

#19 Hosting – Everything You Need To Know.

In this episode of Australia's most loving Internet marketing business podcast we discuss all things HOSTING. What is it? Is it all the same? What should you look for when choosing where to host your files? Which hosting service James prefers and … [Read more...]

#14 It’s A Listener Love-In

We hand this episode of Australia's most popular Internet marketing podcast over to you, our treasured listeners. In it, we distinguish between Farmers and Hunters; discuss what makes great content; share a blue-print for automating your social media … [Read more...]