#38 How To Leverage A Podcast

"There's a tip in this episode so huge that people should be amazed that we would share it in a free podcast!" ... James.And if that's not enough, in this episode of Freedom Ocean:Timbo reveals his process for how he convinces experts to … [Read more...]

#37 10,000 Emails. Panda Updates. A Listener Success Story. And A Clean Garage!

We cover some serious Internet marketing ground in this episode including:James tells us how spending hours in his garage recently will enable him to create some high quality training products in the coming months. We talk about how Internet … [Read more...]

#36 Underground Learnings

James is back from the States with some secret sauce underground learnings about SEO, Panda 3.3 and ideas on how to make your video marketing more engaging.   Internet Marketing Products & Resources Join the discussion on the Freedom … [Read more...]

#34 Should You Build A Membership Site?

In this episode of Freedom Ocean we discuss:The pros and cons of membership sites; Whether Google + is any good; The impending launch of James's new training product - Wealthification.  Internet Marketing Products & … [Read more...]

#33 Twitter Is Facebook’s B*tch!

We cover loads of Internet marketing ground in this episode:"Fishing is ridiculously like Internet marketing!" says James. So, that leads in to a discussion about finding the hungry crowd. Timbo gives an update on his Google ranking for the … [Read more...]

#21 The Making Of A Masterclass

Ah, it's good to be back after a pro-longed absence. You can blame Tim's neck issues (although James is still yet to site a doctor's certificate) as well as the fact that we've both been working diligently to get a Masterclass each to market.So, … [Read more...]