#52 Traffic, Conversions and Stuff

Welcome to episode 52 of Freedom Ocean. James and Tim talk about Traffic and Conversions and some really cool stuff to help kick off 2013.We also discuss:The importance of benchmarking and acknowledging your success How different … [Read more...]

#51 The Big Sigh…

Have you found yourself overwhelmed and fatigued with your business over the last year? In this episode, Tim and James discuss the end of year sigh...James gives you a glimpse of what his work week looks like and how to stay on top of things … [Read more...]

#50 Is SEO Dead?

Here it is ladies and gets… Episode 50 of Freedom Ocean. Let us answer the question in almost everyone’s head… “Is SEO dead?”In this Episode:How you can rank at page 1 of Google? Is back-linking enough to get you to page 1? Learn … [Read more...]

#48 Running your business even when you’re not around.

Keep your business on the go while you travel and enjoy yourself.In this Podcast:James shares how easy it is to manage a business while travelling across europe. He also talks about building your own lifestyle design. How to make … [Read more...]

#47 How To Double Your List Size (Almost) Overnight.

Lots of meaty (sorry to all you vegetarians ;0) internet marketing discussion in episode 47:Timbo shares a content creation idea he got recently from one of Australia's most popular radio show hosts; James is freaked out by a what a lovely old … [Read more...]

#46 Abruptness, Weird Comments, Octopi & Farming.

It's a listener love-in where James and Timbo cover plenty of ground (or should that be Ocean?!).Timbo calls James on his directness. Is he too abrupt? Or just straight to the point?!We share some feedback from a listener who has broken … [Read more...]

#45 Membership Gateways

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of the various membership gateway alternatives that enable you to deliver training and information products and resources. Using these can provide you with a great online business model, however it's an … [Read more...]

#44 Unwanted Domain Names … Here’s What To Do With Them

Are you sitting on a few (or a lot of) domain names that you bought thinking they were going to make you rich?And now you're just watching the renewal fees coming out of your Paypal account each year?Cool. Timbo is too. That's why in this … [Read more...]