#61 Boost Your Business

Welcome back listener to the 61st episode of your favorite online internet marketing podcast show. Today, an excited James and Timbo compare standup desks, talk about promoting small businesses online and mix in highlights from their respective … [Read more...]

#60 All About Using Video In Your Online Business

In this 60th episode of your favorite internet marketing podcast, FreedomOcean, James and Timbo kickoff the show with a little bit of "juicing", break down the essential steps of video marketing and give crucial tips for beginners.Topics … [Read more...]

#59 Understanding Your Results

Welcome back to episode 59 of Freedom Ocean. Aside from that delicious pizza, James and Tim dig into the importance of tracking and testing your online stats and share why listeners really love the show.In this episode:The One … [Read more...]

#58 Giving People What They Want

Welcome back listeners to episode 58 of Freedom Ocean. Fresh back from Vietnam and the Philippines, Timbo and James talk about their trips, lessons learned (by Tim), getting richer and a great new feature that's boosting stats in Freedom … [Read more...]

#57 Finding The Right Places

Welcome, listeners, to the 57th episode of Freedom Ocean. This week Tim and James delve into the topic of social media - how they use it, how most people use it, and how you can get the most value from your time on social channels.In the … [Read more...]

#56 Getting Your Own Show

Welcome back to episode 56 of Freedom Ocean. Tim and James start off with a quick game, share insights on how to get your own podcast show and provide interesting tips for your internet marketing campaigns.   In this podcast:Being part … [Read more...]

#55 Making Better Decisions

Welcome listeners to episode 55 of Freedom Ocean. Super motivated James and Timbo are back to talk about building confidence, opinions and how to make better decisions.Discussed in this podcast:Tips to boost your confidence Adding … [Read more...]

#54 Building A Traffic Machine

In this episode, Timbo and James go inside the workings of websites and reveals what makes a site effective.Podcast topics:Brevity and dissecting the ideal flagship site Finding purpose in your website How to draw in more … [Read more...]

#53 FreedomOcean Re-loaded Timbo & James Get Focused

Episode 53 welcomes back Timbo and James into the ocean and revolves around the topic of focus.Discussed in the podcast:The truth about the guy in the hammock with the laptop What's popular right now and what to look forward to in … [Read more...]