#28 Fast Web Formula 3 attendees share their ‘Ah-Ha’ moments.

James reflects on FastWebFormula3 - how it's changed since the last few live events he's run and what parts he enjoyed the most. Then we hand the mic over to attendees and ask them what their major ah-ha moments have been and what strategies they're … [Read more...]

#27 Mistakes James has made [LIVE at FWF3]

Recorded live in front of 200 people at Fast Web Formula 3! We talk about our love of podcasting. How Freedom Ocean came to be and why podcasting is such a great channel to generate traffic and build your online profile. 20-minutes in we then … [Read more...]

#22 A Micro-Site Gets Pulled Apart.

As Timbo pondered what to cover for this episode of Freedom Ocean he had the brainwave of getting James to comment on a micro-site that he had in development. Brave on Timbo's behalf, but in the spirit of constant improvement, it's an episode not to … [Read more...]

#21 The Making Of A Masterclass

Ah, it's good to be back after a pro-longed absence. You can blame Tim's neck issues (although James is still yet to site a doctor's certificate) as well as the fact that we've both been working diligently to get a Masterclass each to market.So, … [Read more...]

#20 Delivering high quality information products.

Do you find yourself bursting with enthusiasm to create an information product around a topic you're passionate about?But then you hit blockage after blockage in bringing it to market because of all the technical minefields along the … [Read more...]

#14 It’s A Listener Love-In

We hand this episode of Australia's most popular Internet marketing podcast over to you, our treasured listeners. In it, we distinguish between Farmers and Hunters; discuss what makes great content; share a blue-print for automating your social media … [Read more...]

#8 Affiliate Marketing – Everything you ever wanted to know.

The episode where we dive head first in to the deep waters of Affiliate Marketing. In fact, between Tim’s and some listener questions, we leave no stone (or should that be coral!) unturned.  What is affiliate marketing? How do you know … [Read more...]