1. Incredible timing guys, I’m just setting up images to add names before uploading to a new website & researching to ensure I know how best to name them & BANG, in drops FO#49 to guide me.
    If I was religious I’d have said it was divine intervention, but instead I’ll just say JS & TR are very tuned in to the market.
    And this on top of Ep#48 where I had my biggest Ah-ha moment listening in driving down to Sydney. You opened my mind how to make video of what is basically a boring product by leveraging off the back of the ‘heavy lifting’ (love that term James) our better financed suppliers have already done for us.
    2 shows, 2 winners. Thanks guys, all the best to you and your families for the break.

    • Arn, you’re an easy bloke to tune in to as you love marketing so much. Thanks for the comment, thanks for listening and have a great break. You’ve had a mammoth year … not necessarily easy, but big nonetheless! I’m looking forward to connecting in 2013.

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