#53 FreedomOcean Re-loaded Timbo & James Get Focused


Episode 53 welcomes back Timbo and James into the ocean and revolves around the topic of focus.


Discussed in the podcast:

  • The truth about the guy in the hammock with the laptop
  • What’s popular right now and what to look forward to in Internet marketing
  • Podcasting as a powerful brand builder and traffic machine?
  • Focus, kids and multi-media devices
  • Using partitioning to run multiple businesses
  • Finding the point in it all
  • Can you make money with online marketing?

James Schramko in his Fifth Class

  James in fifth grade (prep cap not boater)

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Tim:                 Welcome back listeners to Episode 53 of FreedomOcean. I’m Timbo Reid, right there is the Schramko boy. Good day, mate.

James:            Good day, Timbo, how are you?

Tim:                 I’m good, buddy, and I’m happy to be back in the ocean, and there was a point there where I wasn’t going to be back in the ocean. So this episode is all about focus. I feel very focused right now, I feel very driven. I’m working to a deadline because I’ve got to go away on a camp with my family but I’m also excited about getting this puppy back on the rails so, focus, hey?

James:            Focus sounds like a great topic. It’ll be good to talk about what happened there. I’ve got to say I’m glad you’re back because I love FreedomOcean and I know the listeners talk about it a lot.

Tim:                 I thought you were going to say you love me. And then you said you love FreedomOcean.

James:            Well, you know FreedomOcean is like our radio love child so I can’t like FreedomOcean without loving Tim Reid alright? That’s a given.

Tim:                 Right. Well, look you know mate, you’re the king of focus so what a great topic and I reckon and I’m hoping that there’s a lot of listeners out there who find focus hard and I find times when I just lose focus myself and it’s pretty clear that Freedom Ocean has been one of those times. What I thought we’d do mate is I’d share a little bit of why Freedom Ocean has been erratic and in fact come clean and say that there was a point where I flipped you a note saying, “James, I lost the passion mate, I can’t do it anymore”. Clearly, that was a lie, because we’re back doing it. Now it wasn’t a lie, I did lose the passion, in fact we even had some discussions with listeners who came through to me directly and I know there’s been some banter in your FastWebFormula about where is Timbo? Why is he going away and all that. So I got a few reasons and I thought we’d share it and lead into a bit of a discussion about focus.

James:            Sounds perfect.

Tim:                 One of the things that happened, mate, is that I was kind of going through all the reasons why I lost focus around Freedom Ocean- I lost the passion and I went back and revisited where did the idea for Freedom Ocean come from. Quickly, the story is in October 2010, you appeared on my other show, SmallBusinessBigMarketing and we all of a sudden sold a whole lot of product and here’s this guy, I’ve never met you before, James Schramko comes on to my show and all of a sudden listeners’ ears prick up and we sell literally thousands of dollars of a said so old school of a DVD series you had.

James:            It was old school, considering I don’t have any DVD’s anymore.

Tim:                 Right, so very 1980’s but this was in 2010. At the time I’ve gone, Wow, James Schramko, Internet Marketer, we just made a lot of sales, and I’m now an affiliate marketer, happy days, and at a point then I rang you, I think maybe it might have been a week or two later. I’ve gone, “James, Tim here, mate something’s going on and to cut the story short, I had a million questions and you had a million dollars as a result of internet marketing and Freedom Ocean was born out of that, and I, over the course of time, just found that even though I had a lot of questions and still do have a lot of questions, I kind of lost the passion for those questions and I’m guessing in some instances, the Internet marketing approaches that I was taking just weren’t paying off. Because there was a point too where, absolutely, honestly, I wanted to be the guy in the hammock with the laptop. You know? Absolutely swinging from the tree.

James:            It’s completely understandable because almost every image you have from a business opportunity marketing online or even at those seminars, it’s always talking about the hammock and the laptop . “You have to work really hard all day so that you can make money at night” my friend Dave Hunt says, so I give him a big credit there.

Tim:                 So what was that, you have to make money all day so –

James:            You have to work your ass off all day so that you can make money while you sleep.

Tim:                 I love it.

James:            If you want to look for the truth in it though, you can be location independent because you don’t have the staff, you don’t have the stock, you don’t have an office, that is all true and it’s not necessarily demanding you to be anywhere at a particular time and we’ll cover that I think when we’re talking about focus, about routine, because there’s this dichotomy, there’s a big word for today. The more routine you establish, the more successful you’re going to be, which is almost the opposite of the swinging in the hammock free time. But you will have lots of free time if you structure it right but there’s going to be a heck of a lot of learning, a lot of rolling up the sleeves, some blood, sweat and tears and a healthy dose of BHW which is bloody hard work.

Tim:                 Absolutely. One of the things I found myself doing with FreedomOcean…like FreedomOcean is a hard show to do. People might think you have a lot of fun and stuff. Personally, I find I have to bring my A-game every time. FreedomOcean up until now has been me kind of – and it’s not as though we do a whole lot of prep, is there? It’s a discussion-based show but I’m the one kind of driving what that discussion is, and I found that hard myself, because you just roll up and answer the questions, which was the premise of the show. The other thing that I was doing was that I didn’t have the focus, like Freedom Ocean wasn’t my focus, I have a business myself and you know my absolute passion is helping small business owners who are trying to come to groups with over-all marketing. Not Internet marketing but just marketing in general, that’s my sweet spot and that’s a great learning in itself, you know, having to get to where we are now, at Episode 53, for me to go, “You know what? Where is my sweet spot?” It’s not dealing with the Internet marketing gurus or even the people who want to be Internet marketers. We’ll talk about IM in a minute.

James:            I’d love to tackle that subject.

Tim:                 Go on.

James:            I, over the last year or so, I started positioning more just for business because I figured it’s a much broader market, a general market and then lo and behold, a lot of the people who are doing really well are now tightening in on the Internet part of business. I’ll give you an actual example, there’s this lady Marie Forleo, she has a B-school, I’m pretty sure the whole premise of that is – it’s just for women so I’m sure you haven’t seen it – but it’s about you’ve got to pay attention –

Tim:                 It’s International Women’s Day today, James, by the way. Can you show a bit of respect?

James:            Of course. Well, I mean, I’m just saying you’re not in the target market, but you probably are…It’s about you cannot ignore online that all businesses really should be paying attention to online, and then all around us we got these retail stores, collapsing because people are buying online. I think you can hide out in your SmallBusinessBigMarketing as long as you want but eventually, it’s going to be majority Internet-based discussion anyway as it probably used to be.

Tim:                 Well look I get that, I absolutely get that and you know I’m now running a mastermind group with my with my DeepDive mastermind and that’s full – I got 10 people a week, we gather round a virtual table. I had one guy pull out recently and he had a retail based Bricks and Water business and his reason for pulling out was there was too much internet discussion, right? And I go – I get that, I agree – we spend, I reckon 75% of the time on my mastermind talking internet. But you know what? That’s where the magic is at the moment – we’re not even at the moment – there’s magic to be had. I did a wonderful interview personally I thought and my listeners thought around content marketing last week and again – a lot of content marketing is online – not all of it – but that’s where the action is so we kind of apologised for that.

James:            One of the big highlights, probably one of the best points I made when I was fighting for FreedomOcean’s life was that – Tim, you’re already doing Internet Marketing – you may not know it. Putting up the DeepDive mastermind – putting up your spotlight which is fantastic and I really want you to tell the listeners about that. It’s simply the way that I’ve always treated the podcast which has been probably different from your original approach is, I’ve always thought it was a traffic and luckily I’ve had products that sit behind it that people invariably go often find.

Tim:                 And therein lies listeners, big learning and Timbo’s still trying to put that into place.

James:            Timbo has that in place.

Tim:                 I have.

James:            You have.

Tim:                 Poorly promoted – ironically poorly promoted because I don’t like talking a lot.

James:            I’ll talk about your stuff and you can talk about mine, that’s how it rolls.

Tim:                 Yeah, but the learning years – have a product funnel, have a sales funnel, have stuff to sell – my net sounds so dumb but you know what? SmallBusiness-BigMarketing for me was actually – when I started it 3 ½ years ago it was an end point. I did want to be a podcaster who produced a show on a regular basis. It’s just what I loved doing, and the more I did it the more I realised I love interviewing people, love having discussions, loved sharing that knowledge. I guess you get to a point where you go – Geez, this show’s starting to get traction – I’ve got an audience – I’m now getting daily emails and daily voice messages – daily reviews on iTunes, and it’s like hmmm – starting to get an impact. And then I go – now I’m starting to get emails from people who are actually making money and growing their business as a result of listening both to SmallBusinesBigMarketing and to FreedomOcean and I’m going – Hmmm, now it’s taking me more time and then you start to get the shits-a-bit and then WOW, you know like I really got to make this work commercially because it isn’t an end point in a podcast, it is a traffic generator and it is a brand builder. And people – here’s the learning – people as a result want to know what else have you got?

James:            Of course they do because when they commit to putting those earbuds in – you’re in between their ears – you have prime real estate, and they go and listen to the back catalogue as well. Here’s the irony. When I started my blog it wasn’t an end destination too, it was just somewhere for me to get links for my sale sites then I actually started getting comments, and then after FreedomOcean I turned my interviews into the podcasts and now it is a traffic beast. You can quote that right? It’s a technical term. It is a monster. It is almost reaching a hundred thousand views a month – my primary blog – and this all started after FreedomOcean and particularly in the last – not even 12 months – probably 11 months I’ve been building that thing up and that’s why I’ve got a soft spot for FreedomOcean because Timbo, you taught me about podcasting and the power of it as a traffic function it’s amazing so here’s where I sit in terms of on topic – Focus – you now have two very focused business related traffic machines that you can drive to your products as I have driving to my products, and that’s where the beauty of it is.

Tim:                 Yeah absolutely and it’s forced me – the discussions you and I had for the last week or two where we were going through some of these points that I’m sharing with the listeners now and it’s time to get even more serious about it. I’ll give you a couple of other reasons why I lost focus because I think it’s worth sharing and in the spirit of transparency which the show is all about. I have this point – I’ve covered it but I actually thought in 2010 when we started FreedomOcean ripper. This is going to be a really good earner and it was – there are some affiliate sales that we’ve made as a result of FreedomOcean but again – I say this because a lot of people think like this it’s like – yeah I make an internet play and the money will roll in because I think we’ve been sucked in by so many – you know those emails that come in, those long sales letter websites that we’ve seen and I want people to know that it is hard work and if you’re willing to put in the hard work it clearly pays off and you proved that. I saw FreedomOcean as an affiliate play and it was but you pulled your affiliate away so you know at that point I go – wow, I’m now creating something absolutely for free but the idea of grabbing that product funnel is changing all that.

James:            Well I don’t know if you want – you know if numbers are on the table or not – but in relative terms for the number of episodes we did and the amount of air time you did make tens of thousands?

Tim:                 And I guess at a absolute content – at a production level I’m a conversational guy and I did find the concept of Timbo’s got a million questions, James’ got a million dollars is one of those things where I was all of a sudden I was constantly the student and that makes it hard, so there’s my reasons.

James:            They’re solid reasons and it’s – I’m glad you’re back.

Tim:                 The listeners are all going to cane me or welcome me back.

James:            No they’re not, you know what? The listeners love you Tim because they’ve said this many times – they’re struggling with this internet stuff and you are their hero because you go in there and you ask what needs to be asked and as you’ve said before listeners are getting results. I know I’m doing splendidly from doing FreedomOcean but I should because it’s what I do, it’s my thing and my goal is to make sure that it’s balanced because partnerships have to be balanced and I want to see you be well – be successful with this too.

Tim:                 Well it’s certainly – yeah there we go I reckon it’s a great discussion and one that need to be had and going forward we’ll make it regular, we’ll be clear, it will be more discussion based – almost feel like we should change the tag line but I won’t because I still got a million questions but it will be more kind of conversation based.

James:            We want questions from listeners too right?

Tim:                 We do, absolutely we do, and they can go to FreedomOcean.com and on the site there’s a little button for SpeakPipe which is a great little app that allows people to either click that button to record a message and it gets e-mailed to James and I which will play on the show and answer questions going forward back in e-mails. What’s the e-mail address Jimmy?

James:            That’s a great question.

Tim:                 It’s been too long. It will be – (something)@freedomocean.com

James:            Why don’t we make an email and call it – what do you think?

Tim:                 We’ll call it – make it something @freedomocean.com

James:            It could be “hammock”.

Tim:                 No, something – the word “Something”.

James:            Something – something@freedomocean.com, there you go listeners. Innovation on the fly.

Tim:                 Yeah isn’t it, that’s naughty of us, I think we have had info or questions or whatever but something@ is kind of wacky enough that it will confuse everyone and we won’t receive another email.

James:            It should be fine.

Tim:                 But it’s good mate, I mean I’ve gone ahead, my DeepDive mastermind is going well. And again, anyone who’s thinking of setting up a mastermind and go – that’ll be easy – it’s not, you know? It’s a lot of fun once you get those seats full but masterminds are very onerous in themselves – we should maybe do a session on that, do an episode on masterminds and talk about how you run yours and how I run mine because you got to be match fitters I say, James.

James:            Yeah, one of our earlier episodes covered this concept but I must say – I’ve learned a lot about it and I’m at a stage now where I’m literally getting applications most days when I open up my mastermind and that is a result of content marketing and messaging, making sure people know that I have one. It’s at a point now where if someone asks about a mastermind people tell them to come join mine. They don’t even ask how much it is, they just want to be a part of it. That sounds crazy but part of it is that I turn it off every now and then so we should talk about the whole concept of it and how to get the most value from it. You haven’t really mentioned numbers but you’re doing okay off your mastermind and you’ve done pretty well off affiliate marketing by the normal standard when you consider that- I don’t know the exact number, I can’t remember but Paul Smithson did a survey and I think it was something like 90 something present of online marketers have not even made $10k a year.

Tim:                 Right I can tick that box. Who’s small Pitson – I was going to say – who’s Paul Smithson?

James:            He developed the first product that I promoted as an affiliate excite pro. It was pretty cutting edge seven years ago and it was computer based but eventually I stopped promoting that in favor of WordPress which is free and he’s quite a smart guy – he had a big audience of sort of rookie internet marketers so it was I thought a pretty good reflection of what’s actually happening out there. A lot of failure, a lot of frustration and our job is to clarify the cloudy. Like focus, if you can imagine a camera and you don’t have the focus right? Like maybe 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 times and you go out to make a video and I pushed the auto focus and I then check back and I have a beautifully focused tree and I’m all blurry and I’m like “What!?” It’s all the same material in the lens but depending on the focus the result can be substantially different.

Tim:                 Yeah, absolutely. I think one of the things too for focus James is that some of us are better multi-taskers than others. I mean you seem to have – you’re a bit of an octopus I mean you consider that space desk station of yours and it’s almost like you’ve got eight arms going in eight different directions whereas for me I tried to do that and it’s not very successful. I’m better off literally going – okay I am now going to sit down and work on this and not get distracted. I had this discussion with my kids the other day who have now got iPads. It was a decision at school that everyone should have an iPad and you know when you put that in the hands of a 13-14 year old person, focus becomes a real issue because the excitement – man the ability to flick between stuff I mean how can you possibly – I mean it takes a mature person to be able to sit in front of that iPad and go in and write that presentation, write that report, write that essay, not be tempted to flick across to YouTube or Facebook or something else and I had this discussion with both my boys in just the last couple of weeks and in fact the principal of this school because I feel like an old fuddy-duddy saying it.

James:            I hope you’re more polite than I am at these school meetings.

Tim:                 I would have been more polite than you but I wasn’t as polite as I am generally. In fact I was at a meeting last week about iPad integration into the school and it kind of got on my high horse a bit and thought of this, “You know what? Instead of making a comment I’ll make a bit of a point.” I had all of these points and I ran along for about 5 minutes, I got an applause, not a standing ovation but an applause.

James:            Well I mean you know about this stuff Tim and you’re like the world expert. My kids came home last night and said they’ve got kindles at school and that’s sort of more focused because you’re just reading and apparently they have 6 books per kindle of different topics but then we sat down and enjoyed a nice game of chess. My kids are finally enjoying analog things. My daughter rides horses, my little boys are playing chess, our trampoline got demolished by a storm so that’s out and my oldest kid is playing rock music and they got kicked off the stage at school for swearing I think. Now let’s get back to this focus thing, I don’t actually multitask, what I do is I partition I silo things and then I single task each silo. That’s the secret.

Tim:                 Ok, tell me more about that, silo things?

James:            Imagine you have a filing cabinet in your office and it has five or six drawers. That’s probably a typical scenario. Each drawer is a part of your business. One drawer of yours might be the DeepDive mastermind, another drawer is Spotlight, another drawer is SmallBusinessBigMarketing and another drawer is FreedomOcean. Now as you know with a filing cabinet, it doesn’t allow you to have more than one drawer open at anytime right?

Tim:                 Aha.

James:            So, you open up the drawer that you’re working on and that’s where you are. You bring all your A-game to that drawer and you only focus on that drawer and then when you close it, it’s gone, it’s finished, you’re out. You could even have a little pad at the front of the drawer (I mean just a metaphor here) where you note down where you’re up to and what you’re working on and you put it away. Once you come back to the drawer even if It’s a week later, you can pull up the pad and see where you’re up to and focus again on that thing. And that’s how I operate multiple businesses because when I’m on that part of the business that’s all I’m on and literally when I go to the team in Manila I sit down with just that team of that department and we work on that business. And all the others are not in my mind. They’re away. I’m not thinking about them. I only think about what’s in front of me right now.

Tim:                 Well, okay I get that. Great theory. I love it. You’re clearly strong enough of mind and will that when you’re in that drawer, you’re not checking email, you’re not taking phone calls, Skype’s turned off. You’re not doing that little update on Facebook. You’re not doing any of that?

James:            Yes, not because I even use two machines if you recall it. One machine for all that shit and one for work.

Tim:                 Okay, well that would be good. Then I could just slide across to the other machine and get on to Skype and get on to Facebook.

James:            While we’re talking. I don’t have anything open. I’m just focused on you. You’re my central focus right now. Whatever is happening to the world, unless the house is burning down, it will have to wait until after the call and then I’ll switch off and then I’ll emerge back to reality. “Oh what’s happening? Where are we up to?” I’m going to check my emails, I’ll check Facebook.

Tim:                 Even the house burning down, mate, there is a question mark. I could actually see you looking up at a point in time from your screen and looking around and going, “What are all these ashes?” “Why can’t I see outside?”

James:            And I believe this can be learned. I believe this is a skill set that can be developed. Like you, losing weight. I don’t recognize your pictures anymore. I haven’t seen you since you’re skinny, face to face, but something happened there with the same physical vehicle but the operating system’s changed. The process has changed. Something up there had a tweak and you got a different result.

Tim:                 Yeah absolutely. And gee, I’d love to bottle that. I would love to bottle that and make a million dollars.

James:            Now what you do is you put your work activities on a diet or a regime or routine. That’s the secret. The next real main point for focus is you’ve got to have a routine because it’s the little small actions, repeated often, that get you there. If we were focused on having a premium show, we would have a routine of recording at a regular frequency, and we’d have a routine for how we process it after it’s done and it gets published and syndicated. That’s all routine. And that’s the boring stuff you’re referring to. Routine can be boring, because it involves the actual doing of things. And that’s where people come unstuck. And another focus topic is making sure that we’re doing the right things, that all the efforts we’re making are taking us closer to the goal or as I prefer to think of it, “the point”. What is the point of this? What’s the point of this show? What’s the point of your Mastermind. What is the point of spotlight? Mastermind- the point is your customers get a return on their investment. You’re growing their business more than what they pay you. And they’re happy. The point of your spotlight -can you tell us about the spotlight?

Tim:                 Spotlight is where I have a client who will send me three bits of their marketing materials. Maybe a website, brochure, an ad. They send it in to me. I review it. I then look at their business in the light of that marketing and ask myself the question, “If I owned that business, what would I do with my marketing perspective”? I then go and create an entire episode of this SmallBusinessBigMarketing show a hundred percent dedicated to that client, to that person’s business and I send it to them and I don’t post it on iTunes. They can do what they want with it, but for all intents and purposes they’re having a listen to my show talking about their business. And it’s effectively marketing coaching.

James:            It’s a great way to learn too. They’re already used to listening to the Timbo.

Tim:                 Yes, I kind of embedded their brain into my show. And they love it. It allows me to- SmallBusinessBigMarketing is an absolute reflection of me and it allows me to be very much be myself and talk about their business. And I love that question that I ask in Spotlight which is “If I owned that business, what would I do”?

James:            That’s what we tend to do. We step into the scenario. That’s what’s happening with listeners on this show. When we talk about a problem or a challenge they’re having, they step into it. They step into my role, they step into your role and they see it from our perspective.

                        There are a couple of listeners who listen to the show and they relate to my role because maybe they’re in a similar scenario with their business, like a lot of things happening at once, they’re busy. They find it entertaining or interesting to see if we have the same opinions of stuff or different, wildly different.

Tim:                 Yes, well that makes for a hearty discussion. I mean I always come to this show hopefully representing the listener.

James:            Well the main thing- this is the main thing, in terms of focus. Can you actually make money online? That’s one of the big questions that the premise of the show has been, that it is possible and I think as we reveal different ways that can happen, I think you’ve actually helped listeners exhaust the big list of tactics and the common pitfalls and rabbit holes that they can fall down, especially with technology. And listening to popular opinion on the market. We’ve covered so many of those topics. Now, it’s time to move it up a notch. Let’s zero in on specific listener questions. Let’s refine some of these really good systems that work well at Masterminds. We know they work. We know they can primarily be sold and delivered online. And it’s a great way for anyone who’s an expert to add an extra income stream to their business using online marketing methods.

Tim:                 Absolutely it is. No doubt about that. So, Jimmy, we will wrap that up. Now I can’t stop calling you Jimmy.

James:            It’s alright, I’ve been called many things.

Tim:                 Do many people call you Jimmy?

James:            Yeah, I get Jimmy, Jamie, Jimbo, James, Schramko, Schrammy, Schrak, Schrakmo.

Tim:                 Shrek?

James:            Ah not so much. I’m not green.

Tim:                 Jamie, I don’t like Jamie of all those.

James:            That’s like the in a family name, my mom would call me. My mom, God bless her. She’s probably listening now. When I was in fifth grade, she came to my private school, stood up in front of the whole audience and said “My son Jamie…” and I got teased for the next eight years. It was devastating. And she said, “Why don’t you get over that? Why can’t you just let that go”? I don’t know. Was it that my locker got bashed in. Was it that my bag got thrown across the road or my tie got cut with scissors or that my boater got punched through? I don’t know. Being taunted for eight years…

Tim:                 Hang on, hang on, you’re not getting away with that. From memory, a boater is a pretty weird-looking hat that English schoolboys wear.

James:            Straw hat. Well, the kids used to grab it off my head, hold it, and the another kid would punch it through.

Tim:                 Have you got a photo of you wearing a boater? Have you still got the boater?

James:            I don’t have the boater. But wait for this. My dad, who was a chemical engineer and pretty handy, took the boater out to the garage (bought a new boater, took it out to the garage), and then he put fiberglass resin on the inside of it.

Tim:                 To preserve it?

James:            And then the next time a kid tried to punch it he busted his knuckles.

Tim:                 I love that. Aw, a fiberglass-resined boater on the Schramko dial. I mean, that is just – I don’t know, mate, if you can find the boater, take a photo, if you can go back – you’ve got the archives, you’ll have your archiving system, it’ll be somewhere out in the garage alongside all of the Mercedes books that you wrote, or manuals, or notebooks that you’ve got. Find it, put it in the show notes, mate.

James:            Alright.

Tim:                 Hey, can I boast?

James:            Yeah, of course.

Tim:                 Yeah, I’m really proud of this. I’m doing a lot of speaking these days. I’m going to be speaking in Dubai in August, and Vietnam in April, again, maybe in August as well, but I’m sharing the stage with John Howard, ex Prime Minister John Howard, and Andrew Denton, in April in Sydney, which I’m pretty excited about. Not the same time or anything, but the same conference.

James:            John Howard might have gone to…

Tim:                 What’s that? John Howard might have what?

James:            John Howard, I think, went to the same school that I did, and probably wore the same boater.

Tim:                 Mate, you would know. You said you think. You would know…

James:            Well, I know his son, for sure. But I’m not sure…perhaps he did, yeah.

Tim:                 I tell you what, I love Andrew Denton. Overseas listeners, you’ll have to Google him, but he’s just a wonderful interviewer. You’d probably put him out there as the Michael Parkinson of – sorry, he’s an English interviewer. I don’t know who the American equivalent would be. Whenever I turn on Letterman or Conan or Ellen, I just cringe at their interviewing styles. But Parkinson and Denton have a wonderful way of asking a question with the minimal amount of words and then letting their guests just spill the beans.

James:            Oh, fantastic.

Tim:                 And I see how I did that with you. You were not going to mention boater, that was not in the episode notes.

James:            Yeah, that’s like a dark period in my life. By the way, Errol Flynn went to my school.

Tim:                 Wow!

James:            The Hollywood actor known for swashbuckling roles and legendary…

Tim:                 Oh, Errol. I would do anything to be like him.

James:            Yeah, you’ve got to love Wikipedia. Sir Frank Packer.

Tim:                 Mate, you went to a very fancy school

James:            Yeah, I did.

 Tim:                 I thought you were a bit of a high school backblocks, punch ’em up type bloke.

James:            Yeah…Sir John Gordon, the politician and prime minister…

Tim:                 Well I had the lead singer of Men at Work at my school.

 James:            Did you? At my wife’s school they had INXS.

Tim:                 Oh, that is cool. Wow.

James:            And that’s my son’s school, and he’s in a rock band, and I went to a rock concert last night. They lifted the lid off the place. I actually have a recording, if you want me to put a little snippet in the show notes. Listener caution, it’s heavy.

Tim:                 Of your son’s band?

James:            Yeah.

Tim:                 Oh, well, do insert it now. We’ll just stop talking, and what’s the name of the band? I’ll introduce them.

James:            They’re called Karmas Relent.

Tim:                 Okay. And which son?

James:            Jack.

Tim:                 Okay, listeners of FreedomOcean, we’re just going to take a little break. We’ve got a bit of Karmas Relent, big band, with a bullet right next to them. Jack Schramko playing – is he on the lead?

James:            He’s the lead guitarist, he writes all the songs, he’s the band leader.

Tim:                 Here they are. And if they can’t turn you on, you’ve got no switches.

– Rock music plays –

Tim:                 Oh, Jimmy, what about that? That is Karmas Relent. If ever I’ve heard of an upcoming band, straight out of the same school (the School of Rock?) that INXS went to.

James:            It is, yeah.

Tim:                 I’ve just finished, literally in the last week, reading Michael Hutchence’s autobiography. No, I take that back. Not autobiography. Well, it could have been, he could have written it before he died.

James:            What’s it called, Oxygen?

Tim:                 No, it’s not. It’s sad, because he was a bit of a hero of mine, and the fact that Jack goes to the same school… Hey, you know how this episode’s all about focus? We’ve completely lost it. That’s enough. FreedomOcean is the name of this show. If you like it, then hit SpeakPipes at FreedomOcean.com and send us a message or go to iTunes, leave a review. Anything else before we go, Jimmy, or we wrap it up?

James:            We’re wrapped, we’re done. Welcome back.

Tim:                 We’re back, log out, see you next week.

James:            See you.

Tim:                 Bye.



  1. You forgot to mention “The Schrams” ;0)

  2. Glad things are getting back on track, this is my favourite podcast and I would be gutted if it stopped

  3. fantastic to hear you guys together again. i think it was good to get the cards out on the table, then clear it all away and by the end of the podcast hear the banter, passion and energy coming back. long may it continue!

  4. hey guys, just listened to the podcast, have to congratulate Timbo on his honesty and openness about how he was feeling, that takes courage, and I’m sure plenty of listeners understood what he meant by the tactical failures and rabbit holes. I for one would be really disappointed if you ended the podcast, I think it is a great platform for you both. I also think that Tim shouldn’t consider himself the junior partner or student, just because he asks mosts of the questions doesn’t make him the lesser mortal. Without Timbo would James ever have become so bold in the podcasting world? Without Freedom Ocean would Timbo have expanded his speaking gigs?

    Anyhow, some ideas for future shows I would like to see covered are measurement – how do you know what is working; current basics of a good site, as I see James has made quite a few to his lately; and what about a show where James asks Tim the questions for a change.

    Keep up the good work, the show is a winner and remember the thousands of people you are helping everyday.


    • Justin what awesome comments! I like the ideas and you are spot on about podcasting. Tim introduced me to this crazy world and I have done very well with it!

  5. Glad you guys are back at it and can’t wait for the corny jokes to start flying again. Keeping it real in a surreal world.

  6. Tim Juliussen says

    Fantastic. I was starting to get a bit worried there.

    This really is one of the better episodes, not because of the flood of content, but because of how real it is and how much it resonates with the majority of the people who are trying to do something online.

    I’m Kind of hoping you guys keep this going for a very long time.

  7. Thanks guys – Nice to know I’m not the only one who has lost focus in the past year – The combination of you two is a great balance.

  8. The band is great. Your son has huge skills in melody. Yes even that vocal has a melody line folks. I liked the clean sounding second vocals in the song great counterpoint.

    The podcast was good as well.

  9. Was noticeable in the previous 3 episodes that Timbo’s mind was elsewhere. Wasn’t surprised that he felt he had lost the passion, however opening up to James and the audience about it made this one of the best episodes so far. Really resonated with me – the banter at the end of the episode was great – sounded like the Timbo of old. James did a brilliant job of encouraging Timbo, what a great bloke. Another great episode guys.

  10. Hi, Great episode guys. Pleasure to hear two people who work so well together. I really enjoyed the honesty and sincerity from both of you. Tim, I think there are quite a few people who dream of the chance to hang around with James on a regular basis. Make the most of it!

  11. Great Episode – Focus is one thing that leads me a stray!

    James – Jacks band rocks love it (they will make it), thank goodness there is still some musical talent on this earth, not the bubble gum crap that is rammed down our ears.

  12. Hey Guys!

    So glad to see you guys are back. I was missing me some Freedom Ocean. I am listening to the newest podcast now…

    Keep it up. We are here, and appreciate what you both do.

    Eric Foster

  13. Holy s**t I cant believe FO was nearly snatched from me and other listners! Thanks for ‘coming out’ Timbo. It was evident you were under the kosh a little and its been great to be part of that slump mate but hail mary thank the lord YOUR BACK! Glad youve voiced the frustration now get milking the resource that is the Shramko with the same openess – how about live case studying, bring your challenges, your projects, your plans and have a part of the show where you discuss an idea to implement that feeds your business? Yes focus is a challenge for the rest of us so of course it was frustrating dealing with the master! More step in, more point, more Timbo!

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