#21 The Making Of A Masterclass


Ah, it’s good to be back after a pro-longed absence. You can blame Tim’s neck issues (although James is still yet to site a doctor’s certificate) as well as the fact that we’ve both been working diligently to get a Masterclass each to market.

So, to that end, in this episode of Freedom Ocean we take a look behind-the-scenes of pulling these products together; and we also talk about procrastination and other blockages that stop many from moving forward with their Internet Marketing aspirations.

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Tim’s Online Marketing Communications Masterclass

James’s SuperAffiliate Marketing Masterclass

Fast Web Formula 3 – James 3-Day Event in Queensland



TIM: James Schramko, welcome back to the very loving waters of Freedom Ocean. How are you mate?

JAMES: I’m excellent! And you know, we’ve missed you, Timbo! Where have you been?

TIM: Really?

JAMES: (laughs) Yeah! I think the listeners have noticed that there was no podcast last week.

TIM: Well, last week, that’s kind. In fact, let me just have a look at the website. When did we last record? Well, it’s 3, I reckon it’s 3 or 4 weeks. It might be 3 weeks, embarrassingly enough. But there’s reasons for that. And before we go into them, we should welcome those listeners who are out there, James, welcome back to Freedom Ocean everyone, which, from our point of view, it’s a podcast all around how to be a highly successful internet marketer and create some freedom in your life, which is what I need right now, James.

JAMES: It’s somewhat ironic, this topic. And I think in the last 3 weeks we’ve had such a big highlighter come through. Let’s talk about what happened and where up to now.

TIM: Absolutely! Well, it’s pretty simple. In fact, last episode, just as we were hitting off and uploading that, you were heading off to Manila and I was heading off to Queensland for a holiday, you were heading off to Manila to visit your outsourcing ninja team. With the view, we’ve come back and create another podcast, but I came back and have got a fairly annoying neck issue, which has kind of laid me out. Stopped me from being able to do my usual work, which is running live marketing workshops and, you know, providing and doing keynote speaking around marketing and it’s kind of stopped me. And it stopped me to the point that I had to cancel a number of engagements and that stops income, so it kind of really highlighted to me sometimes the universe taps you in the shoulder, doesn’t it, and says, you know? In this case, the reason Freedom Ocean came about is to teach, certainly me and other people, how to create maybe not passive income but to leverage your income and potential—

JAMES: Yeah, maybe just to get it working up a bit smarter for you. And to be fair, I guess we have had discussions before, but you’ve got a bit of Timbo stubbornness about you, haven’t you? You like to tread the boards and get out and about.

TIM: (laughs) Well, it’s just, yeah. There is—

JAMES: I want to be clear: I’m not saying that you shouldn’t. I’m not saying you have to be like me and be a hermit and just sit in your house, looking out in the gardens all day. I’m saying that you can do both. You can have these things set up and working for you, whether you’re working or not. And I must, you know, be very clear this is what attracted me to the business. When I was sitting in that car dealership, looking out in the street, watching cars drive back and forth, people driving to work, listening to the latest amazing directive from head office over in Germany, telling us how we’re going to do this, how we’re going to do that, I thought, “Screw this! I’d rather have something working a little bit smarter.” Because you’re just trading time for dollars, and when you trade time for dollars, if you do get a sore back or you slip a disc and you can’t work, everything changes instantly.

TIM: Absolutely! It’s…you know? And it almost raises the question to me; you suggested stubbornness for me, it’s actually not stubbornness. It’s actually…I put it down to procrastination. And everyone’s got their reason for whether procrastinating or some of us are scared of success, some of us are scared of failure, some of us are scared of change.

JAMES: I think it falls down under a fear category.

TIM: Yep!

JAMES: And I’m certain that some of the things that I did to counter fear had definitely helped in business. Some of the things, for example, were debt collecting face to face, skydiving, jumping out of an airplane, competing in a sport that puts you against nature’s fierce elements like sailing, and then business, you know? Walking into and presenting and speaking to rooms of people and, you know, putting your job on the line just to put forward your case and I think those things sort of take the fear out of you a little bit and you become fearless. And one of my mentors used to constantly say, and I think he probably knocked it off from someone else, so someone might credit the actual source, but he said, “You’ve got nothing to fear except fear itself.” I used to think about that one a lot.

TIM: Well, it’s a great quote and I know that reading that I’ve done around that is that behind fear it’s not much, you know? It’s amazing when you do break through the barrier and here am I, you know, here am I, the person who hasn’t been able to break through that barrier.

JAMES: Well, you say you haven’t but I think you have. In the last few weeks, something significant has changed on your landscape. I think, listeners would remember the last few episodes, we were inching our way forward through putting media to the internet and setting up a video player for your website. I’d love to know where that’s up to.

TIM: Yeah. Yeah, well that’s done. That’s done and ready to go. What you’re referring to is my first foray into creating—what would you call it? It’s not an information product because it’s a live webinar series that I’ve actually created—

JAMES: I think it is an information product because people are paying for information. And what they’re paying you to do is they’re paying you to go out and live your life, have all these experience, speak to a billion people, read books, you know, condense all that coal down to a diamond, distill it for them and save them having to go through that same experience by just condensing that into a short one or two hour chunks. And they’re happy to pay for that. At the same time, as you’ve been doing that, I’ve been doing the same thing but except I haven’t been, A) I haven’t had a sore disc, and B) I haven’t been out and about. I’ve been pretty much just creating stuff and many things at the same time, too!

TIM: Well, yeah many things, but I was just going to say, I mean, you have an incredible single-mindedness and focus. Even though you might be creating a number of different products, it’s kind of you’ll be creating products and I think to me that’s been one of—we’ll come back to what we have created and talk about that, because that has been an interesting journey. But to me, one of my reasons for procrastination is that I have got too many things on. And sometimes, the many people listening to this who are in full-time employment, who would try to then make a foray into internet marketing; it might be affiliate marketing, it might be information products, it might be running webinars, whatever it is. And then there’s that juggling act. And for me the juggling act was actually multiple. It wasn’t just—I mean, I don’t have full-time employment because I have my own business, but it was running workshops, it was giving keynote talks, it was my monthly client coaching commitments, it was doing Freedom Ocean, it was doing Small Business, Big Marketing, which is my other podcast. It was just multiple different things going on and it was just dumb! I mean, I’ll put my hand up first and say it’s just a dumb business decision to have so many things going on. I can’t multi-task.

JAMES: You know, we have sat down before and drawn up in whiteboard and had a yes/no list, we’ve talked about filters and stuff. And the interesting thing is the reason you have trouble letting go of those things is if you don’t have the automated income coming in, you don’t have the automated business division working yet. So it’s counter-intuitive to let go of what you’ve got, to have something you don’t have, but it really is a case of having to let go of one tree so you can swing to the bigger tree, right? And once you get the first one rolling and it works, you’ll have the confidence that it works, you’ll have income to prove it, you’ll have a new customer stream of people who like that type of information. And we’ll probably touch on how important that is because of the results that I have been getting in the last week, pretty much mind blowing and that sort of ties in that whole grain genealogy we’re talking about. But the more you build up that division, the more you can let go of the other stuff. In fact, the other stuff becomes more unattractive because you know a better way and you’ve got more leverage things that you can do with your time. So things just naturally fall away. It would be like an alcoholic who takes up yoga. Their body might start not needing the alcohol or the addictions and they don’t even crave for what they couldn’t do without before. It’s actually, I think, some type of addiction.

TIM: Oh, absolutely! And you know, one thing I have done, or for me it has taken too long to get to this point. It’s not as if I haven’t been doing things and what I have done to, and I find being good, is I did work fairly hard these last 6 months. Maybe it’s the reason I ripped my neck. But I worked hard enough to get a little bit of cash flow happening and I am at a point now when I can take the foot off the pedal a little bit plus, plus you know, it’s not as if I haven’t been implementing the affiliate learnings that you and I have shared on early episodes of Freedom Ocean, because I do have an affiliate income. And I do have, you know, I am successfully selling product related to some business marketing.

JAMES: Well, yeah but this is not dissimilar to my scenario. When I quit my job, I was on a huge income. It wasn’t as if I was surfing everyday at Byron Bay, you know? I wasn’t sitting around unemployed or anything. It actually takes more determination and focus to leave an already good situation to go to a better one I think, than if you’re starting out from nothing. So in your case, you already have a business model that for most people they would be happy with and could probably continue. There are consultants out there and speakers who just do that for a living because either they love it or they don’t know any other different methods.

TIM: Totally! Totally!

JAMES: And I also think you tend to underrate yourself a little bit because, let’s talk about the shopping carts scenario we had last time we caught up. In lieu of doing a podcast, we decided to take you through the—and I’ll quote you—impossible task of setting up a product in a shopping cart. This was such a huge task that it was impossible and probably likely never to be solved by human mankind in the next generation. But how long did it actually take us?

TIM: Well, I had put in a bit of a disclaimer on that by saying it didn’t take us a whole lot of time. I mean, fortunately I had you to walk me through it. I’m still of the opinion, and if you go back to Episode 20 and 19 of Freedom Ocean where we talked about hosting, we talked about Amazon S3, we talked about Bucket Explorer, we talked about EzS3, which is you know, selecting media frames and all that. I still say it’s not for the faint hearted. And the audience right now are probably going, “Oh, great!” you know? “So what do we do?” It’s not as hard as you think it is, it’s still not a breeze. But setting up—

JAMES: I’m not actually saying it’s easy. I’m just saying it’s possible.

TIM: Absolutely! Absolutely possible!

JAMES: There are people out there—and I think we’ve dropped the link to it from our Freedom Ocean Facebook wall—which was a product that teaches people how to do this. And there are actually services where people would just do it for you. So like any business, I mean, if we were going to go and set up a chicken shop on the corner to generate our income, there would be effort involved, you know? You could have buy rotisseries and learn how to cook and comply to health standards and install counters and stuff. Like that’s a big thing and I think in the general scheme of things, with the right person helping you, which by the way, not necessarily me because I’ve never read any instructions for thing. I just made it up as I went. It still only took 40-something minutes and that was deemed an impossible task—

TIM: Just so our listeners…let’s be clear about what we’re talking about here is it alludes to that discussion about product, which is really the part—

JAMES: Getting the product to the market, I think is—

TIM: Correct! You know, for me, and I said it last time, I’m just bursting with information for small business owners to market themselves in their business. I am bursting with the want and the need to share and teach that information. It was getting that information to a point that I could then take it public, which is as of today, we’re actually going to send an email add to our list at Freedom Ocean community to invite them to this webinar series. But getting to that point, you know, that was the journey. So what it involved was just a very quick recap, it was like create that PowerPoint, create that Slide Deck, which is effectively a sales letter in a sense. So create that series of slides that puts the argument together as to why someone should be interested in attending this webinar series, what they’re going to have, they’re going to benefit, why they should listen to me, what we’re going to cover, the outputs they’re going to achieve from being a part of it, you know, how much it cost. Put that all together, recording that using ScreenFlow, which that’s really easy, then actually uploading that piece of media which is a large file. So we talked about that and uploading it to Amazon hosting using Bucket Explorer, then actually choosing a media player using EzS3, and then uploading what we didn’t cover. We weren’t covering detail in this episode but it’s certainly worth an episode, James, because actually setting up the shopping cart using Nanacast, which we can once again cover that. That deserves an episode in itself. But so now it’s loaded. You know, now it’s loaded and people can go in there—

JAMES: Well, just on that Nanacasting. All we’re talking about here is gluing everything together. We’ve made Tim’s video live and we’ve put a payment button under the video that allows people to pay for the product to get delivered the product and be subscribed to Tim’s VIP Customer List. And it also allows other people, affiliates, to promote Tim’s product and get paid a commission on a pay-for-performance basis. So all of those things happened in 46 minutes or so. Gluing all the bits together. But this is something I really think is profound, Timbo, is that because it is a little bit difficult and because it does most people’s head in, that’s why you’re making money doing this because there’s not 3,000 Timbo’s selling that product today.

TIM: And that is a really important point and that is—

JAMES: We celebrate the difficulties. We say, “Gosh! If this is hard, that’s good because less people are going to do this and I will have the biggest slice of the market.” If it was easy, everyone would do it.

TIM: Totally! And that kept me going. It was a major point that I had in my mind and I was thinking, “You know what?” I get to the point where I was thinking, you know, this is way out of control but this isn’t for everyone and those who persevere and you’re a man of many quotes, James. Just the right time you drop a quote that made me sort of think, “Yep, good going on that one,” because there are people…this journey is littered with people who have given up.

JAMES: And most people give up just a little bit too early.

TIM: Yep!

JAMES: And it was so hard for me when I started. It was almost impossible because I was trying to learn from people who were in another country and besides from that, most of them were shysters selling false hope anyway. So I actually had to sift through a lot of stuff to get to the stuff that works. But what we’re going to demonstrate in this call is that this stuff does work and when you do cross that boundary, you will be in rarefied atmosphere and there are no traffic jams out in front, right? You can put up something with value to your audience who recognize the value and they’ll gladly buy it. So we’ve combined a lot of these episodes. I think this is like Episode 21 or something. We’ve talked about sales videos, we’ve talked about information products, we’ve talked about affiliates, we’ve talked about websites, and they all come together in this concert and then you turn it on and then amazing things happen. And that’s basically where I’ve just been in the last two weeks. Well, I’ve been, I guess watching the tumbleweeds stream down the aisle, I’ve been creating stuff, you know? I’m not going to wait, I’m not going to sit around and wait. I’ll just create stuff and you’ve been creating stuff and they all come to the market and then that’s when the good stuff happens.

TIM: Correct. Correct. And now I’m excited. Now it’s like get out there and I’m back to, you know, marketing this master class that I’m putting on in September. And I just cannot wait to run it, you know? That’s the reality; I can’t wait to get out on that virtual stage and share the knowledge because that’s the end, that’s why I’m doing it, outside of earning an income. The emotional reason is to share the knowledge that I have.

JAMES: Well, it’s like being a great artist. Like Seth Gordon talks about shipping; it’s about being able to get that stuff from your head out and share it with others and enjoy it. But you must agree, if you can put something online and a lot of people can watch it at the same time or participate in the same time, and we call this one to many, that’s more leverage than you just going around to someone’s house one-on-one, talking to them about this topic. So you’re actually helping solve more problems. So if you want to get rich, solve problems to as many people as possible. And that’s really the leverage part. And when we’re talking about online videos and online memberships and online webinars, that’s the getting in front of many people. And you’re also going to—I hope—record this series and then package it as a non-live series, for a different price point perhaps, for people who want to come along and grab it later.

TIM: Yep! That wonderful concept of re-purposing material.

JAMES: It’s a beautiful thing.

TIM: Yeah, it is. It is! So shall we talk about, at the expense of turning this into an advertisement? Because I know our listeners listen to learn. But you know what? Simply, I mean, let’s talk about it—I’d like to share obviously what I’m covering, what is called the online marketing communications master class. But you know what? Even going to the page where my video sits and where the various supporting copies sits where the shopping cart is, I mean, to just have a look at how that is set up, there’s a massive amount of learning in that alone, isn’t it?

JAMES: Well that’s the whole thing. It’s like sitting on our shoulder. I guess it’s a case study.

TIM: Yep!

JAMES: And, you know, some people could see it as an add-on, I can say, “Well, I’ve listened to Tim since the beginning when he had no idea. And he was asking, you know, what’s www.” Just kidding!

TIM: Well, that’s harsh! (laughs)

JAMES: No! I’m just kidding! But, you know, you have, from the time I have met you Timbo, you’ve pretty much rebuilt your entire website, re-categorized what it is that you actually do, and now we talked about and implemented how you deliver it. And we’re saying something, you know, at one point, in fact you already have, I think, you’ve already made some sales, so you’re actually seeing the concept pan out, but our listeners can tune in to that. And make no mistake, people pay a lot of money to learn these things in paid courses, so as a lot of our iTunes comments say, you know, they’d be happy to pay for this information. So we put a link up on our products page to your master class and to my master class, if people want to go in and have a look and see what’s actually happening. And see how it is.

TIM: Absolutely! I mean, and you know, clearly, clearly we’d love you to join us on those two master classes. James’ master class is all about affiliate marketing. My master class is all about the big, wide world of online marketing communications covering many channels. But go and have a look at those pages. The links are on the show notes for Episode 21. And if you’re a subscriber you’ll get it sent to you in an email. But look at them from the point of learning, the structure, you know, having the video on top, having the different subheadings that cover deliverables and outcomes and, you know, topics covered and everything’s, you know, in there for a reason and it’s a good template. It’s a great template.

JAMES: Also, here’s another thing Timbo, this is a nice reason to be on our email list.

TIM: Yep!

JAMES: Our subscribers actually got emailed the first webinar from my 8 webinar series for the affiliate master class. We do promise special tips and insider stuff. And that’s a really nice benefit, you know? People paid for this course and I thought we’d send off the first one so you could actually see the sales page, how that works. You can see the delivery method, how we actually go about delivering the content each week. So I mean, that’s pretty good value for the price of Freedom Ocean, I think.

TIM: Freedom Ocean, yeah, yeah. That’s it. That’s it. So mate, your master class, just so our listeners know, there’s a vast difference between the two of them despite them having a similar name. Your master class is all about affiliate marketing. Is it for the beginner or for the advanced?

JAMES: We have both. We’ve actually got a pretty decent group of fairly experienced people. And you probably wonder why would experienced, intermediate or even advanced people come on to this. It’s because the two people teaching it both make over a million dollars a year with this particular business model. And so, you know, if they’re not already making million dollars a year, they’ve probably got some things they can pick up. And then we have some absolute beginners. And that’s fine because we encourage our intermediate people to push reset. And as funny as this might sound, I’m actually, I’ve printed off the first week’s homework, which we got yesterday. And I’ve printed it off on paper, which I never do in my office here. And I’m literally filling in the checkboxes and starting from scratch and I’m doing 3 case studies during this course, for myself and my team. I’m giving one project to each of my 3 teams. And the team are going to complete the project with me over the next 8 weeks. So even I’m doing this course while it’s happening because I want to make sure that I haven’t just missed a step or assumed something or gotten complacent because I’m half good at this now. So I’m actually hitting reset and doing it from scratch. And then what I’ll do is I’ll go and leverage my other thousand websites once I know the little steps that I missed or I get one little “A-ha” moment. Yes. So it’s for anybody who’s interested in having a website up there that could be sold, that generates cash flow, and is relatively passive. So there’s a bit of work setting it up, like building a garden for the first time, you know? You could have gone and set it all up. But then, from then on it’s just mowing the grass and watering it and, you know, just tuning it. So that’s where we’re teaching. And I’ve brought in my partner from Super Fast Results, called Andy, on to that one. And again, just to highlight the technique here for our Freedom Ocean listeners. I go and get an expert who’s bona fide. He’s got Top 100 Clickbank Certificate. He’s one of the top affiliates in the world. So I’ve brought him in. I bring in the specialist to really enhance the value for our audience, and I’m there as well, backing him up because we have slightly different affiliate marketing styles. But when you combine the two, that’s when you get a pretty decent offering. So we’ve had people buy this course and a lot of people actually have paid our asking price. We’ve sold probably just a shade more than we expected, but it just shows that without any hype, without any huge launch or whatever, you can literally just make these videos and release them—and I say release rather than launch—you just release them into your already existing community and it gets taken up. And it should get taken up if you’ve answered the question in the marketplace, if you solved the problem better than other people.

TIM: Yep!

JAMES: And I’ve got to say, when subscribers have gone through the first webinar, they’ll be pretty impressed with what we’ve come up with.

TIM: No doubt! Absolutely no doubt! So just to be clear, if you are a subscriber to Freedomocean.com, you will have got them now.

JAMES: And if you’re not a subscriber, you should definitely join up because it’s more than likely that you’ll end up with a free something or rather from somewhere in the future. And that’s our promise. And that’s why we’ve built up…we’ve actually built up a pretty decent list in the short space of time from Freedom Ocean, just by being decent about the way we treat our list.

TIM: Yep. Yep, yep! And you know, that concept of giving that video away, I love that marketing concept of high perceived value at low cost. It’s just a great marketing concept generally. And—

JAMES: The other thing is, Tim, I’m always talking about making grange, this is like a wine tasting. This is like the cellar door, you know? Okay, if you’re thinking of buying our wine, why don’t you taste it and we’ll tell you about the wine and we’ll tell you what went into make it and you can try it. And if you like it, you know, by all means, order a few cases of it.

TIM: Yeah, yeah! Totally!

JAMES: Now, if you don’t like it, we don’t think you should buy it. And this is the big difference about integrity marketing versus all these high—they call them blind sales offers, you know? Where they don’t tell you what it is until you buy it. And that purely relying on people not, you know, not everybody refunding. They get 30 percent or 40 percent refunds in some cases because they’re selling garbage. And then there is a population out there who buy things and never implements. So they don’t even know that it sucks sometimes. But in our case, we just say, “Look, sample it. Try it.” I tested it with TrafficGrab; it went sensationally well. I just let people have two hours worth of free content. I’ve tested it with my master class. I also got two master classes, not just one but two. Interestingly I’ve been launching three things at the same time, which is a big no-no, apparently. You’re not supposed to do that. But my bank account will tell you that it’s perfectly acceptable.
TIM: Yeah, well you got the event coming up in Queensland in October, which we’ve talked about previously as well. So if you listeners want to go, check that out. It’s on our products page on Freedomocean.com and it’ll also be in our show notes.

JAMES: Yeah. So now you said about the name master class, you know, same name, different—when we say master class, what we’re talking about is the method of delivery here. It’s where you have a bunch of people in the class and they share—ideally you get them together in a forum-type arrangement and you share and interact. And that’s where a lot of power comes because one person might ask a question that the other person hasn’t thought of, but they get the answer anyway. So it’s like, “Oh, wow! Never even thought to ask that, but I’m glad I know the answer to that.”

TIM: And that’s where I love—we haven’t covered webinars as a business model yet, but that whole master class, that online master class concept is brilliant for that, where, you know, I certainly look at mine as being, you know, I’m the host, the facilitator and the sharer of most of the knowledge. But the ability for others to ask questions both of me, of the guests, they’re going to be coming on mine, and also the rest of the audience. It’s very powerful, very, very powerful.

JAMES: The live Q&A thing is really good because you ensure that all the questions are covered at the time, rather than if you’re relying on someone watching it back. And that’s why the watch them back type causes should cost less and you should be paying more for a live thing, because it’s someone’s time, they’re right there for you, answering your question on the spot.

TIM: Yep!

JAMES: As if they’re sitting with you. That is a very powerful lesson. But the other thing that works so well about a webinar series, especially a live one, is the deadline driven aspect of it. You have homework and you have a completion date. And, you know, quite most people, “We’re just not going to do it until the night before when we submit our homework.” But after 8 weeks, you end up with some amazing insights. So my homework from my other master class was to profile my perfect customer avatar. So I picked four of my websites and went and did a lot of research on who’s my customer. Male, female, education level, income level, whether they’re viewing from home or from work, what country they live in, and I did all of that and it was really quite interesting to see the demographic. It shifts quite a bit between my services and my website. So I just have to keep that in min when I’m switching gears between one product or one service. I have a slightly different customer in some cases.

TIM: Massive! Yeah, that’s massive line. Well, that’s a good segue into my master class, James, because it’s one of the things that I do cover up front. So can I spend a minute just talking about me?

JAMES: Why don’t you do that?

TIM: (laughs) Oh, you’re going to ask me questions about—

JAMES: I won’t do that. But I want you to draw or highlight to the technique or the thing that is going to help our listeners as well, make it useful.

TIM: What do you mean?

JAMES: Well, when you tell us about the cost, tell us why you chose that or what the purpose of that is.

TIM: Yeah, well my master class is basically, it’s an all-encompassing online marketing communications master class. And it’s broken up into two parts where first and foremost, I say to all my clients, “Get you message right first before you worry about where to put it.” And your point just earlier about, you know, understanding the perfect avatar, as you call them, for your website or for your business. But it’s actually understanding brands. So my master class is 8 weeks. It covers message creation and then worrying about where to put it. So medium–message first, medium second. And what I’m pretty excited about is I’m covering a lot of that, but I’m also going to be joined by some marketing specialist, absolute marketing specialist in their area. You know, I’ve even got a professor of marketing coming along, James, from Australia’s leading marketing university. He’s joining me on one to talk about some pretty keen marketing concepts that the small business owner needs to understand. But then I’m being joined by Facebook specialist, Google AdWord specialist, YouTube specialist, people who are absolutely, you know, have intimate understanding of these key online marketing channels. So mine’s all about, you know, it’s for the small business owner of the business owner marketer who absolutely wants to know how to get their message right, how to create a really engaging message, and then where to put it for maximum impact. And we’ll be covering all those. What I call kind of a modern marketing channels.

JAMES: Yeah. So you’ve brought in external people as well. You know, there are other benefits of that. One of them might be that they tell their audience about it. And you pick up a whole bunch of extra subscribers. Kind of how I jumped across from your Small Business, Big Marketing podcast—hi Luke!—and yes, you might get some of their listener audience. Maybe the professor of marketing has students who do marketing who should be interested in your marketing master class.

TIM: Yep! Yep! Yeah, absolutely! It’s amazing. I mean, you start off, you know, one tangent and you think it’ll go down a particular road, but it’s amazing where it takes you, just like, you know, Small Business, Big Marketing has led to Freedom Ocean and now we’ve got this cross pollination between two—

JAMES: Well then you got Fast web Formula 3, where you’ll be speaking about podcast and I daresay that where we’ll be doing a podcasting master class, which would be an 8-week webinar series live. I’m just thinking off the top of my head here but that’s just how I operate.

TIM: Yeah, yeah! Go!

JAMES: One minute I’m having my yogurt and muesli, the next thing I’m thinking about master classes.

TIM: Never eat muesli before you podcast. It gets stuck in your teeth!

JAMES: (laughs) Yeah, well. I just had to drop that word in there for our friends. But the thing is, podcasting master class would teach somebody how to come up with the whole concept and then get the thing implemented, you know, through all those little hurdles. Turn out something like we’ve got, because we know that it works. And I’ve actually had success doing this with clients now and I see there’s new contenders in the podcast arena arriving. And I sort of like that our whole community is taking the iTunes thing by storm, and that’s the way it should be. It’s with Google bought Motorola this week—

TIM: I saw that.

JAMES: You’ve got to think portable devices must be, you know, a thing to focus on. Let’s get on them!

TIM: Well, absolutely! And that’s a conversation in itself, isn’t it? It’s amazing. I was talking to a company that spends a lot of time making radio and TV programs just recently. And they do it really well and are quite successful at it. And they sell programs into TV and radio stations right across Australia. And in that discussion online, just didn’t get a hearing until I raised it. And kind of said, “Do you just realize just how many smart devices are out there now? Do you realize how cheap broadband plans are now?” For our Australian listeners, do you realize the impact that the national broadband network’s going to have on all these things that you and I talk about? Because all of a sudden, people are going to be able to access this information quickly and cheaply. And I can now, but even more so in the coming months—not years—in the coming months. It’s just going to become more accessible and I was just amazed to be speaking to, you know, as they say a production company that does TV and radio and just, you know, wasn’t kind of spending enough time looking over the fence, into the backyard of the online world.

JAMES: Well, the first opportunity I’m thinking of is all the internet marketers who really don’t go into the offline world. You know, the production companies and the traditional media. I think there’s so much opportunity whichever side of the fence you’re on. But I’m dragging you across to that online side of things. I think once you get a taste for the leverage there, you know, there’ll be a new Range Rover in the driveway.

TIM: (laughs) Right. I reckon that should do us for Episode 21 for Freedom Ocean. We’re nearly at the 40-minute mark—

JAMES: What do you think we’ll call this one? Is this like the master class one?

TIM: You know, I don’t know.

JAMES: The one about the slipped disc?

TIM: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Well, we’ve covered a bit of ground here, haven’t we? I’ve got to think about that as we top up the email and get it out. We’re going to get this one out without a transcription. We’ll follow it up with transcription in the days to come, but we are keen to get to get back, aren’t we? To get back online and get this episode uploaded.

JAMES: Oh, I want to get back into the Freedom Ocean rhythm. And it’d be good to get some comments and ratings and stuff from listeners so that we can see what they think as well.

TIM: Correct. And we’re back, guys! Well, literally we’re back.

JAMES: Well, we mean Tim’s back. (laughs)

TIM: (laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah! All being well, we’ll start to be a bit more regular. I’m not going to promise weekly again. I think as much as it’s wonderful to set an expectation as a podcaster, and you should, to let your listeners know how frequent you’re going to be. Gee, could put some pressure on you when you get to that sixth day and you know you’ve got to get an episode out on the seventh, but we promise to be a bit more regular and James is making an effort with eating muesli anyway, so I’ll do the same. (laughs)

JAMES: Thanks, Timbo!

TIM: Yeah!

JAMES: Sorry about the bowel jokes!

TIM: Alright, mate! Excellent! Listeners, thanks for sticking by us. And it’s good to be back. James, what should listeners do before we end?

JAMES: Well, they should make sure they’re subscribed to Freedomocean.com and it would be lovely to go to iTunes and leave a rating on the Freedom Ocean podcast. That would be really awesome.

TIM: Yeah, great for our egos! (laughs)

JAMES: Well no, not for that! It’s so that we know what’s going on.

TIM: We know what’s going on.

JAMES: We’ll know what they like, what do you want more of because we can flavor it any way you like.

TIM: We can. We can. In fact, we have got a serious backlog of list of questions so certainly there’s enough of it there for many episodes to come. But we would love to hear what others want to hear as well. So mate, great to be back in the Ocean. See you next time.

JAMES: See you!


  1. Oh yea…it’s like Christmans in August getting this. Thanks for your efforts guys! Sorry James….I had to shut down your interview with Ed Dale to listen to this.

    I need to get past the paralysis by analysis and get my butt in gear!

    Never have a been so motivated to make things happen.

    Many thanks,


  2. Thanks James and Tim, this was one of your better podcasts for me… Probably because when Tim spoke about his neck, having all those projects and the fear, I could relate!

    James’ analogy of swinging from one tree to the other was brilliant and made me stop and think…

    Hopefully we’ll still get weekly podcasts as I look forward to them… They are so much better than Ed and Danny’s.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  3. great podcast guys, full of surprises ( i listen as i cook dinner!)

    Tim – love your website – esp. seeing a clean site with a single message on the home page instead of the million and one pieces of info most have. I am use doing biz in the bricks an mortar world and have trouble coming to terms with so much online clutter!

  4. Hi guys,
    Hope you are both keeping well?
    I have an internet marketing question and after searching and searching I thought, hey – why not go to the fountain of all things online marketing so here I am. I know we all love wordpress however I have not been able to convince on of my clients to move so I need a good joomla person can you please recommend a person who could help me do some work on an existing website?
    Thank you,

  5. No worries, thanks James have a great day.

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