#75 Growing Your Business With The Right Support

This week on FreedomOcean, James and Tim talk about the value of hiring, training and contracting the right support for your business. Get the straight answers on how to prepare your business, where to find the right people, how much would it cost, … [Read more...]

#74 Google Updates

James and Tim talk about the website elements and techniques that you should now apply to your site. From making it Google-friendly to maximizing PRs to using backlinks correctly, find out the urgent, essential info you need to know today through … [Read more...]

#73 The ADD Episode

What should you be doing with your business? Frequency, positivity, independence, and more strategies are discussed on this latest episode of FreedomOcean.In this episode:01:20 - The Fawlty Towers strategy 02:17 - Can you have too much … [Read more...]

#72 Stories And Sex Wax

James and Timbo are back with another excursion into Freedom Ocean. In this engaging episode, they focus on a powerful and often overlooked tool of the marketer's trade - storytelling.In the podcast:01:01 - A new addiction 01:40 - What's … [Read more...]

#71 How To Create A Helpful Business

In this episode, Tim and James give tips and strategies on making a business truly helpful to customers. In this episode:01: 30 - What is confronting for you? 04:05 - Honesty within the … [Read more...]

#70 Smart Product Strategies

In this latest Freedom Ocean episode, Tim and James talk products - what sells, how best to market them, and the elements that make up an effective online sales funnel.Show highlights:- Timbo's trip to Italy - The demands and rewards of … [Read more...]

#69 Getting More From Your Travel

On this week's episode, James surprises Tim on his mobile, where the two share best tips and practices for the traveling business owner.In the podcast:- Revealing insights from the New York Times - Running a business while you're … [Read more...]

#68 What Is New For SEO

In this latest dip into Freedom Ocean, Tim anticipates an upcoming trip, he and James discuss Google's Hummingbird update, and listeners learn the most current rules of effective SEO.In this episode:- Tips for incorporating business into … [Read more...]

#67 What Has Changed In The Last Year?

Welcome back listeners to episode 67 of Freedom Ocean. This week, Tim and James discuss the recent changes and trends in the online world during the past 12 to 18 months, a preview to the next episode and a funny challenge from Tim (feel free to … [Read more...]