#84 – The End

All good things must come to an end. So it is with some sadness but much fond nostalgia that James Schramko and Timbo Reid host the 84th and last episode of Freedom Ocean. Tune in for some parting lessons, some … [Read More...]

#83 – How To Fix Your Underperforming Business Without Changing Your Quality Of Life

When your Western-based business isn’t doing so well, is moving overseas the answer? James Schramko and Timbo Reid address this knotty dilemma with clever, practical and not-so-obvious solutions.  Podcast … [Read More...]

#82 – Slap and Sledge (Cheesy Versus Helpful Marketing)

Freedom Ocean hosts James Schramko and Tim Reid are back after a lengthy hiatus. In this episode, they share feedback on each other's latest projects: Timbo's new book and James' recently concluded joint webinar on … [Read More...]

#81 – What Is An Internet Marketer Anyway?

You might still be wondering, just what is an "Internet Marketer" ? In this episode we define what it is and who can do it.In the podcast:00:40 - Return to Melbourne 03:31 - Clients vs. customers 05:04 - A … [Read More...]

#80 – 3 Steps To Double Your Profit And Halve Your Work Hours – Part 3 Of 3

James and Tim are back for the last part of their series about doubling your profit and reducing your work hours. In this episode, discover the formula for profit and learn how to get better conversions.In the … [Read More...]

#79 – 3 Steps To Double Your Profit And Halve Your Work Hours – Part 2 of 3

James and Timbo are back, with the second installment of their 3-part series about reducing your work hours and multiplying your wealth. In this episode, uncover the whys and hows of leveraging a team to unlock business … [Read More...]

#78 – 3 Steps To Double Your Profit And Halve Your Work Hours – Part 1 of 3

James and Timbo introduce the first part of a three-part, in-depth Freedom Ocean series. How can you make yourself powerful to manage your time smarter? Find out the first step you need to take to achieve more profit … [Read More...]

#77 6 Things That Are Working For Us Right Now

James and Tim are back in another informative episode of Freedom Ocean. This week they discuss something that many businesses lack, and share the top six things that are working for them in their businesses.In … [Read More...]

#76 Domain Dumping And Smart SEO

In this Freedom Ocean episode, James and Timbo review the year, tell you how to get rid of your unwanted domains, and share best practices for staying on top of the changing SEO landscape.Discussed this … [Read More...]

#75 Growing Your Business With The Right Support

This week on FreedomOcean, James and Tim talk about the value of hiring, training and contracting the right support for your business. Get the straight answers on how to prepare your business, where to find the right … [Read More...]

#74 Google Updates

James and Tim talk about the website elements and techniques that you should now apply to your site. From making it Google-friendly to maximizing PRs to using backlinks correctly, find out the urgent, essential info you … [Read More...]

#73 The ADD Episode

What should you be doing with your business? Frequency, positivity, independence, and more strategies are discussed on this latest episode of FreedomOcean.In this episode:01:20 - The Fawlty Towers … [Read More...]

#72 Stories And Sex Wax

James and Timbo are back with another excursion into Freedom Ocean. In this engaging episode, they focus on a powerful and often overlooked tool of the marketer's trade - storytelling.In the podcast:01:01 - A … [Read More...]

#71 How To Create A Helpful Business

In this episode, Tim and James give tips and strategies on making a business truly helpful to customers. In this episode:01: 30 - What is confronting for you? 04:05 - Honesty within the … [Read More...]

#70 Smart Product Strategies

In this latest Freedom Ocean episode, Tim and James talk products - what sells, how best to market them, and the elements that make up an effective online sales funnel.Show highlights:- Timbo's trip to Italy - … [Read More...]

#69 Getting More From Your Travel

On this week's episode, James surprises Tim on his mobile, where the two share best tips and practices for the traveling business owner.In the podcast:- Revealing insights from the New York Times - Running … [Read More...]

#68 What Is New For SEO

In this latest dip into Freedom Ocean, Tim anticipates an upcoming trip, he and James discuss Google's Hummingbird update, and listeners learn the most current rules of effective SEO.In this episode:- Tips for … [Read More...]

#67 What Has Changed In The Last Year?

Welcome back listeners to episode 67 of Freedom Ocean. This week, Tim and James discuss the recent changes and trends in the online world during the past 12 to 18 months, a preview to the next episode and a funny … [Read More...]

#66 WooWoo, Travel Gear And More…

In this episode of Freedom Ocean, Tim warms things up with a little bit of Apple trivia and some puns and Dad jokes. James shares highlights from his recent trips, update on his latest travel gear and big ideas from a … [Read More...]

#65 Taking Advantage Of Your Environment And Building A 7 Figure Business

Welcome back listener to your favorite internet marketing podcast show, Freedom Ocean. In this episode, Tim and James talk about James’ guesting at the Dynamite Circle conference in Bangkok, powerful mindset tips to … [Read More...]

#64 How To Run An Uncomplicated Event

Welcome back listener to episode 64 of Freedom Ocean. This week, James and Tim talk about the importance of conducting live events, all the essentials to prepare your very own, the best self-saucing pudding, some jokes … [Read More...]

#63 Features Of A High-Performing Website

Welcome back listener to Freedom Ocean. In this episode, James and Tim mix things up with a discussion on mashed potato, the benefits of sharing and commenting, simplicity, a compelling video and some words of marketing … [Read More...]

#62 Is Retail Business Doomed?

Welcome, listeners, to another stimulating and informative episode of Freedom Ocean. This week, James and Timbo talk about patterns, the future of retail businesses, resilience and simplifying in business and in … [Read More...]

#61 Boost Your Business

Welcome back listener to the 61st episode of your favorite online internet marketing podcast show. Today, an excited James and Timbo compare standup desks, talk about promoting small businesses online and mix in … [Read More...]

#60 All About Using Video In Your Online Business

In this 60th episode of your favorite internet marketing podcast, FreedomOcean, James and Timbo kickoff the show with a little bit of "juicing", break down the essential steps of video marketing and give crucial tips for … [Read More...]

#59 Understanding Your Results

Welcome back to episode 59 of Freedom Ocean. Aside from that delicious pizza, James and Tim dig into the importance of tracking and testing your online stats and share why listeners really love the show.In this … [Read More...]

#58 Giving People What They Want

Welcome back listeners to episode 58 of Freedom Ocean. Fresh back from Vietnam and the Philippines, Timbo and James talk about their trips, lessons learned (by Tim), getting richer and a great new feature that's boosting … [Read More...]

#57 Finding The Right Places

Welcome, listeners, to the 57th episode of Freedom Ocean. This week Tim and James delve into the topic of social media - how they use it, how most people use it, and how you can get the most value from your time on … [Read More...]

#56 Getting Your Own Show

Welcome back to episode 56 of Freedom Ocean. Tim and James start off with a quick game, share insights on how to get your own podcast show and provide interesting tips for your internet marketing campaigns.   In … [Read More...]

#55 Making Better Decisions

Welcome listeners to episode 55 of Freedom Ocean. Super motivated James and Timbo are back to talk about building confidence, opinions and how to make better decisions.Discussed in this podcast:Tips to … [Read More...]

#54 Building A Traffic Machine

In this episode, Timbo and James go inside the workings of websites and reveals what makes a site effective.Podcast topics:Brevity and dissecting the ideal flagship site Finding purpose in your … [Read More...]

#53 FreedomOcean Re-loaded Timbo & James Get Focused

Episode 53 welcomes back Timbo and James into the ocean and revolves around the topic of focus.Discussed in the podcast:The truth about the guy in the hammock with the laptop What's popular right now and … [Read More...]

#52 Traffic, Conversions and Stuff

Welcome to episode 52 of Freedom Ocean. James and Tim talk about Traffic and Conversions and some really cool stuff to help kick off 2013.We also discuss:The importance of benchmarking and acknowledging your … [Read More...]

#51 The Big Sigh…

Have you found yourself overwhelmed and fatigued with your business over the last year? In this episode, Tim and James discuss the end of year sigh...James gives you a glimpse of what his work week looks like and … [Read More...]

#50 Is SEO Dead?

Here it is ladies and gets… Episode 50 of Freedom Ocean. Let us answer the question in almost everyone’s head… “Is SEO dead?”In this Episode:How you can rank at page 1 of Google? Is back-linking enough to … [Read More...]

#48 Running your business even when you’re not around.

Keep your business on the go while you travel and enjoy yourself.In this Podcast:James shares how easy it is to manage a business while travelling across europe. He also talks about building your own … [Read More...]

#47 How To Double Your List Size (Almost) Overnight.

Lots of meaty (sorry to all you vegetarians ;0) internet marketing discussion in episode 47:Timbo shares a content creation idea he got recently from one of Australia's most popular radio show hosts; James is … [Read More...]

#46 Abruptness, Weird Comments, Octopi & Farming.

It's a listener love-in where James and Timbo cover plenty of ground (or should that be Ocean?!).Timbo calls James on his directness. Is he too abrupt? Or just straight to the point?!We share some feedback from a … [Read More...]

#45 Membership Gateways

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of the various membership gateway alternatives that enable you to deliver training and information products and resources. Using these can provide you with a great online … [Read More...]

#44 Unwanted Domain Names … Here’s What To Do With Them

Are you sitting on a few (or a lot of) domain names that you bought thinking they were going to make you rich?And now you're just watching the renewal fees coming out of your Paypal account each year?Cool. Timbo … [Read More...]

#43 The Healthy Episode

In this episode we talk about:Why and how the Internet marketer needs to stay healthy - In fact, Timbo's lost 1o kg and James has lost 5 kg in the past 3-weeks. Listen in and find out how. How James's business is … [Read More...]

#42 The Authority Episode

In this episode James and Timbo talk about how to build authority in your niche. Topics covered include:How to be less reliant on Google. The importance of keywords. On-page and off-page SEO. Video … [Read More...]

#41 Geoarbitrage. Permalinks. And Keeping A VA Busy.

In the spirit of keeping each episode to 30-minutes, James and I launch in to some juicy internet marketing discussion around the following topics:Geo-arbitrage (listen in the find out what that's … [Read More...]

#40 Would You Like To Spend A Day With James And Timbo?

Timbo rapid fires some questions question at James amongst some whacky sound effects from Liam (our loving Editor):What is article spinning? And is it a good strategy? When should you use article … [Read More...]

#39 What Happens When Timbo Runs Out Of Questions?

In the last episode of Freedom Ocean James asked Timbo what will happen to the show when he runs out of questions. Listen in as Timbo tackles the answer head on. PLUS James just pulled an all-nighter (well to 4.30AM … [Read More...]

#38 How To Leverage A Podcast

"There's a tip in this episode so huge that people should be amazed that we would share it in a free podcast!" ... James.And if that's not enough, in this episode of Freedom Ocean:Timbo reveals his process for … [Read More...]

#37 10,000 Emails. Panda Updates. A Listener Success Story. And A Clean Garage!

We cover some serious Internet marketing ground in this episode including:James tells us how spending hours in his garage recently will enable him to create some high quality training products in the coming … [Read More...]

#36 Underground Learnings

James is back from the States with some secret sauce underground learnings about SEO, Panda 3.3 and ideas on how to make your video marketing more engaging.   Internet Marketing Products & Resources Join the … [Read More...]

#35 Product Launch Lessons

We cover the lessons learnt from James's recent product launch PLUS : - Timbo shares what tightens a certain body part. - James reveals a very simple media player software. - We discuss if there's a best time to send … [Read More...]

#34 Should You Build A Membership Site?

In this episode of Freedom Ocean we discuss:The pros and cons of membership sites; Whether Google + is any good; The impending launch of James's new training product - Wealthification.  Internet … [Read More...]

#33 Twitter Is Facebook’s B*tch!

We cover loads of Internet marketing ground in this episode:"Fishing is ridiculously like Internet marketing!" says James. So, that leads in to a discussion about finding the hungry crowd. Timbo gives an update … [Read More...]

#32 To Play Or Not Play?

James 'worked' over the traditional January Summer break and made a tidy sum. Timbo played up and lost momentum. He had a good time, but lost momentum. There sounds like there's a episode in that!     Internet … [Read More...]

#31 The Fetish Episode

We start off this episode digging deep (and having a laugh) about James's love of his favourite business tool.**Listener warning - this discussion verges on fetish!**We then continue where we left off in the last … [Read More...]

#30 The ‘low hanging fruit’ episode.

Holy guacamoli. What an episode! So here’s the thing. Timbo has got his Masterclass locked and loaded in to Nanacast … ready to sell. So his next step is to bone up on generating bucket loads of traffic to his sales … [Read More...]

#29 Your Internet Marketing Questions Answered.

The amount of questions and stories we have sent to use via email is inspiring - there's so much action being taken and thinking being done. We love it!So this episode is dedicated to answering and sharing some of … [Read More...]

#28 Fast Web Formula 3 attendees share their ‘Ah-Ha’ moments.

James reflects on FastWebFormula3 - how it's changed since the last few live events he's run and what parts he enjoyed the most. Then we hand the mic over to attendees and ask them what their major ah-ha moments have … [Read More...]

#27 Mistakes James has made [LIVE at FWF3]

Recorded live in front of 200 people at Fast Web Formula 3! We talk about our love of podcasting. How Freedom Ocean came to be and why podcasting is such a great channel to generate traffic and build your online … [Read More...]

#26 Creating an evergreen product that sells while you sleep.

One of our guiding principles is not to hype things up. HOWEVER(!), in this unbelievably practical episode, there really is business-building  info that would normally only ever be accessible in high-level, high  priced … [Read More...]

#25 Webinars – A Simple Business Model

In this episode of the Freedom Ocean podcast we discuss how to use Webinars as a way to make money online:What is a webinar? What's the best webinar software to use? How to run a successful webinar. How to … [Read More...]

#24 List Building

In this episode of the Freedom Ocean podcast we explore the concept of list building -why it's important how to build one the difference between a prospect and customer list the pros and cons of inline … [Read More...]

#23 James’ D.D.D. Strategy For Smart Decision-Making.

"It's only by saying NO that you can concentrate on the things that are really important." Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple.In this episode of Freedom Ocean, Australia's favourite Internet Marketing podcast, James shares with … [Read More...]

#22 A Micro-Site Gets Pulled Apart.

As Timbo pondered what to cover for this episode of Freedom Ocean he had the brainwave of getting James to comment on a micro-site that he had in development. Brave on Timbo's behalf, but in the spirit of constant … [Read More...]

#21 The Making Of A Masterclass

Ah, it's good to be back after a pro-longed absence. You can blame Tim's neck issues (although James is still yet to site a doctor's certificate) as well as the fact that we've both been working diligently to get a … [Read More...]

#20 Delivering high quality information products.

Do you find yourself bursting with enthusiasm to create an information product around a topic you're passionate about?But then you hit blockage after blockage in bringing it to market because of all the technical … [Read More...]

#19 Hosting – Everything You Need To Know.

In this episode of Australia's most loving Internet marketing business podcast we discuss all things HOSTING. What is it? Is it all the same? What should you look for when choosing where to host your files? Which hosting … [Read More...]

#18 Getting Focused – How To Decide What To Work On.

In this episode of Australia's most thorough Internet marketing business podcast we talk about how to figure out where to focus your energy. If you're the typical Internet marketer then you've probably got more ideas in … [Read More...]

#17 Domain Names – A beautifully elegant Internet marketing business model.

In this episode of Australia's most loved Internet marketing business podcast we talk in detail about the big wide world of domain names ... why they’re important, brandable versus key word rich, we share the tools you … [Read More...]

#16 The Internet Marketer’s Tool Box (Part 2).

In Part 2 of this two-part episode we continue to go one for one on what any serious Internet marketer should have in their toolbox. This time round we focus on software (plus add a few more hardware bits and bobs that … [Read More...]

#15 The Internet Marketer’s Tool Box (Part 1).

 In Part 1 of this two-part episode we go one for one on what any serious Internet marketer should have in their toolbox. We cover office set-up, audio and video equipment, chairs ... even eye wear! Our aim was … [Read More...]

#14 It’s A Listener Love-In

We hand this episode of Australia's most popular Internet marketing podcast over to you, our treasured listeners. In it, we distinguish between Farmers and Hunters; discuss what makes great content; share a blue-print … [Read More...]

#13 Outsourcing – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know.

This is the episode where we dive deep in to Outsourcing ... that wonderful concept that has the potential of allowing you to do so much more with less. We discuss what it is; why you should incorporate in to your … [Read More...]

#12 How To Sell (and the chocolate-coated carrot!).

This is the episode where we dive deep in to selling. Not the formal type of selling that you read about in all those New York Times best sellers! Nope...nothing so theoretical.Instead, we talk about how to maximise … [Read More...]

#11 Membership Sites.

In this episode you'll discover the ins and outs of another Internet marketing business model - Membership sites.[And we discuss another aspect of community marketing, James's upcoming live event in October this … [Read More...]

#10 An Introductory Search Engine Optimization Strategy Explained.

This is the episode where you'll discover what a typical approach to starting an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy may look like.   James explainsarticle writing article spinning article … [Read More...]

#9 We Go Behind The Scenes Of Australia’s #1 Internet Marketing Podcast.

This is the episode where we take you behind the scenes of the Freedom Ocean podcast.You’ll discover exactly how the idea for another (!) Internet marketing podcast came about:how we named it the development … [Read More...]

#8 Affiliate Marketing – Everything you ever wanted to know.

The episode where we dive head first in to the deep waters of Affiliate Marketing. In fact, between Tim’s and some listener questions, we leave no stone (or should that be coral!) unturned.  What is affiliate … [Read More...]

#7 It’s a listener love in!

This episode is all about YOU. Since launching the show all those weeks ago, we've had plenty of questions emailed to us, posted on our Facebook and left in the show notes.You're probably thinking...isn't Tim meant … [Read More...]

#6 How To Become A Local Business Online Marketing Specialist.

This is the episode where we dive deep, deep down in to the local business marketing model. You'll discover exactlywhat it's all about whether you're suited to it how to set yourself up as a local business … [Read More...]

#5 Product Creation.

This is the episode where we answer a listener question around creating an information product. We could flesh these show notes out, but you know what ... that's exactly what we cover.Quote of the show - "It's time … [Read More...]

#4 What To Avoid When Launching A Successful Internet Marketing Business.

This is the episode where James lays out, in no uncertain terms the things you must avoid when starting a successful Internet marketing business.PLUS, Tim's questioning of James leads us down the path of discussing … [Read More...]

#3 Another five Internet marketing business models.

Firstly, a big thank-you to all of you who have helped make Freedom Ocean the #1 Marketing podcast on the Australian iTunes store ... within 72-hours of launch!In this episode, James continues to lift the lid on five … [Read More...]

#2 The Internet marketing business model with the most explosive growth?

Man, do we cover some ground in Episode 2 of Freedom Ocean. James lifts the lid on the various Internet marketing business models available to you, plus Tim pokes and prods James with questions like:What comes first … [Read More...]

#1 Why resign from earning $300,000 per annum?

As we say at the start of the show...James earns millions from Internet marketing...Tim’s got millions of questions. So, we start the show by letting you know:What is Freedom Ocean? And what’s in it for you? Who … [Read More...]

What is Freedom Ocean?

Freedom Ocean is that place of infinite opportunity. A place WHERE YOU GET TO CHOOSE … what, when, how, with who. In the Freedom Ocean you are not constrained by time or restricted by money (or lack of it). You never … [Read More...]